American Tribal Style Belly Dance is getting more and more popular in Germany and a growing number of dancers.

Naina is one of them and pleased that you have found your way to her website.

Naina says:
"ATS is my passion. I've never pursued a dance with so much excitement and enthusiasm. This dance has made me much more confident and fitter. "

As the name suggests, this dance form originated in the United States. The origins of the dance lie in the late 1960s and early 1970s in the area of San Francisco in California.
ATS is a very dynamic group dance, which takes up elements of oriental dance and connects other dance styles such as flamenco or Indian dance. Essential to the ATS, for example, are zills and the so-called "cues", a kind of hint or silent command. Among the cues include hand movements, changes in the dancing posture, glances and head movements.
The founder of the ATS, Carolena Nericcio, managed by this new dance form, that women can dance together in various formations without a choreography.
Over the years the reportaire extended, so more and more combinations were created and the fun of the dance continues to grow. The most striking features are the very upright and proud attitude of the dancers, the fine movements and complicated twists and breathtaking costumes.

American Tribal Style Belly Dance is not only perfectly suited to strengthen the muscles, to prevent poor posture and to strengthen the overall well-being, but also the social aspects of this dance form play a very imortant role.